Quantum Photonics & AI Group

Prof. Dirk Englund • Dr. Ryan Hamerly • Dr. Matthew Trusheim • Dr Avinash Kumar • Dr Charles Hsu • Dr Franco Wong


Employment opportunities in theory, experiment, & engineering:

MIT UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)

The Quantum Photonics group, led by Professor Dirk Englund, has several UROP openings. Research topics include silicon photonics, CMOS-backed- and modular quantum-photonics, quantum circuit simulators, and quantum information science and networking. Please follow the attached link for a full list of available UROPs. (Note: you will need to log in with your MIT Google Workspace / G Suite account to view the link):

Software and Computing 

QP-related jobs and internships

Required expertise: EE-PH: electrical engineering & photonics; Phys: Physics; Exp: experiments, devices, hardware, fabrication; Th: theory (algorithms, modeling, quantum theory, ..)]